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Native is an events platform that supports Student Unions and handles all of our events promotion and ticketing. 

Please use the chat tool or you can email and please state in your email further details about the event or topic you are asking about so we can deal with your response as quickly as possible.

The live chat and native support email will be able to help you with queries about your ticket and account. If your request is something other than this it's best to reach out to the event organiser direct - you'll find their details listed next to the event

If you have already enrolled with the University and received your HW email address and password, then make sure you login using the "Continue with University Account" option. This will ask you to login with your Heriot-Watt IT account details (your email and password) to make sure you have access to HW Student Only events in the future.

If you don't have your HW email address and password, you can "Continue with email" and create a guest account. Once you have your HW email and password, login to your guest account again but click "Connect with University Account" to swap over to use your HW email and password login. This means that you can get tickets for events in the future that are only for HW students.

Don't worry! You can still have a great time attending the majority of events during Freshers Week, even if you aren't yet 18. Obviously, you aren't able to purchase or consume alcohol, but that certainly won't get in the way of you having a great time!

Please note: it is unlikely that any events taking place at external venues (i.e. such as a venue in town) will allow under 18's entry. This is due to Scottish licensing laws and you can get in trouble if you try to get around them!

We always try to make sure that Freshers Week is enjoyed by Heriot-Watt students (even if you're not a Fresher). Our spaces are restricted so the number of tickets is often limited. It is for this reason that unfortunately we do not encourage non-HW students from attending our events during Freshers Week as this can take away the ability for an HW student to attend. We thank you for your understanding!

In general, tickets and non-refundable and non-transferable. However, in some circumstances it may be possible to transfer your ticket to a friend if you can no longer attend. If this option is available for the ticket you've purchased, you will see the "Transfer Ticket" option available in your account.

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